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Koikatsu is a singleplayer adult third-person simulation dating RPG game developed and published by ILLUSION. It was released in Japan on April 27, 2018 via physical retail copy and digital copy on digital storefronts including FANZA, DLSite and ILLUSION's own ILLUSION ONLINE store. Two expansion packs were released for the game. The first one, Personality Expansion Pack was released on July 27, 2018 and contains 3 additional character personalities, while the second one, After School, was released on December 21, 2018 and added 4 additional character personalities, additional hairs and costumes, additional maps and more.

The localized version of the game, Koikatsu Party, was released on FAKKU and Steam on June 10, 2019, though the Steam version of the game have the adult contents removed and requires an external patch from ILLUSION's site to restore it. A DLC which contains the localized contents of the two expansion packs, After Party, was released on Steam on May 13, 2021.

As with many ILLUSION's games before it, Koikatsu has many mods made by the community even before the localized version was released.

It was announced on July 14, 2023 that the game will be delisted from all storefronts on August 18, 2023, the same day where ILLUSION's brand owner Ione Plus deprecate the ILLUSION brand and exited from the adult video game market. As of December 5, 2023, the Steam version of the game haven't been delisted due to technical issue.

Koikatsu Party

Koikatsu Sunshine