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Shota x Monsters 2 is a turn-based RPG where all the characters, including the monsters you fight and the NPCs you get to have sex with, are cute boys. You get to meet a few hundred boys, undress them, fuck some of them, and then save the day at the end. It’s awesome.

There will not be spoilers for Shota x Monsters 2’s ending in this review, but there will be some for earlier stuff that’s revealed in the game, as well as for the first game, if you’re worried about that. I will say that both games are pretty story light anyway, because the main point is basically that you get to strip and/or fuck a bunch of cute boys. Probably obviously, I think both games are great.

the very basic premise of the game is that your nameable main character is in this town to go on an expedition into some magical labyrinths for vague reasons, and then you start absorbing mana and it triggers a sex curse that makes you have to fuck one of your co-adventurers (choosing between a science wizard, a redhead innkeeper, and a shopkeeper catboy), and the only way to lift the sex curse is to get lots of mana, so you keep going. The backdrop of the game is set in a fantasy world where humans and monsters live in harmony because one of the world’s three sages once sacrificed himself so that people and monsters could fuck. As you move through the labyrinths, you meet lots of cute monsters and continue to have sex with your chosen partner, encounter lots of porny scenes in the dungeon and then eventually some stuff happens that I won’t spoil and then you beat the game.


ShotaXMonsters 2