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If you notice any unlisted mods here, please edit this page with the following format:

Game Name:
Link To A Mod:
Description Of The Game

Below this line, you can add the games. Make sure you provide a clear description and a working link, or it can't be edited. Alternatively, you can also open a discussion regarding your desired game.

Why was my game denied?

If you don't provide accurate details or enough information about your game, or if you don't offer any mods, your game can't be added. However, it may be considered in the future. Another reason could be that it's not publicly available anywhere, or it's not popular enough to be listed.

For games that are small or don't have substantial representation, they may not be listed.

If your game doesn't have any shota mods or mods at all, it will likely be denied. Games should almost always have some kind of working mod that offers shota content, whether it's nudity, sex, or images. The game also needs to support modding to be substantial in making it a possibility for anyone who wants to mod the game in general.

You should know any game that is public and/or otherwise sold on the market and/or any platform and supports modding could be easily classed within the area of a genuine game