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Welcome to the wiki. Content here will contain mods for games that are shota-oriented and will have links that will lead to certain third-party websites, which are NOT associated with us in ANY WAY, so we ask users of this wiki to enter at their own discretion. These other sites contain content that may be objectionable or very focused on content with children in a fictional way or discuss them in a sexual manner. Otherwise, feel free to contribute what you have for Shotacon-related mods here. At this very moment, there are no such wikis to establish mods in this fashion.

Mods can be attributed to games like Garry's Mod, Skyrim, Fallout, etc. But these games have a specialty for allowing modded content, which is what this exact wiki has been established for and ONLY for. Any other content will just be trashed/ignored. We are always looking to contribute, add, and resource new mods for many types of games and will add them to the list that is given. Please also note by Shota we mean male-oriented mods.

Of course, this will be a grueling task to combine and/or otherwise share such material, but with unlimited resources within the wiki, this will be a good way to provide good game mods and a quality of sharing among everyone who enjoys taking part within the community. Also, free speech and freedom of publication is another thing many places don't provide. So long as the added article has relevant and substantial information, it can be utilized by the next person. This website is the result of a once widely known wiki created by ATF, which is currently out of commission due to vandalism. Modders of this variety need a place to share and archive everything, especially since it's hard for people who create mods of a certain caliber to openly post them on some sites. People tend to have a very eccentric view of shota-related mods, and this wiki hopefully serves as a usable platform. It's not meant to discourage or diminish people who make those mods in the first place.

We hope for anyone to use this mod and have restricted much of it to users to prevent unauthorized edits. This is understandable due to the complexity of anonymous editing and the long-term effects it can have. Also, making an account is free here, and you don't need to show your IP. Unlike most wikis that display your IP when editing anonymously, we've implemented extensions to prevent that. However, to further deter unauthorized edits, we require you to make a free account here.

Don't see a mod for the game on the sidebar that you play? Let us know on the Unlisted Mods page. It will usually be reviewed within 24 hours.